Have you old jewellery that you don't wear or pieces that have an emotional attachment that you would never sell but wouldn't ever wear either? Is it left lonely in a drawer? Jewellery is made to be worn. If you would like to give this old jewellery a new lease of life remodelling it is an ideal solution. 

Remodelling Gold.jpg

Gathering the Gold

Gather up your old gold. I will see if it is suitable for remodelling, smelting, or if it would need to be sent to a refinery.  If it is has stones in it we can discuss whether you want the stones incorporated into the new design.

Image 1: These were my clients Mothers rings. She wanted them made into pendents for her and her two sisters. 

Old into New: by Design

When we have determined what metal and stones choices are available to us we can begin on the design aspect of the remodelling.  After a design consultation I will present you with some design options. We then decide on a suitable design for your new piece which I hope you will love and cherish. For me, there is always an added pleasure in creating something new from something old. The stories of the old pieces of jewellery can begin as a new chapter.

Image 2: Design for the three pendents using the stones and gold from the rings



3 together.jpg

The Remake: finishing touches

When the design has been finalised, a deposit of 25% is paid and I can begin the new piece. I will smelt your gold into a workable form and then add some extra gold if it is needed. When the piece is complete I will contact you for final collection.

Image 3: The finished Pendents.